Building Bridges

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 Our Mission

Here at Cocorico, with all that we do, whether running our own Cocorico French sessions in preschools and childcare centres, or working with inspired bilingual educators within their own centres, we are focussed on our mission to delight and inspire children through the world of languages, as well as empowering the bilingual educators who charm them.  

We will continue to . . .


*  Forge opportunities
always on the lookout for unexpected moments to delight & empower with languages

   *    Build bridges & confidence
Bridges between cultures, identities & languages
& Confidence in communication skills, encouraging an openness to connect & experience

Engage in a pioneering movement
to empower new generations of little people with the gift of languages in a way that's never been done before

*  Captivate  a new generation
of toddlers & preschoolers with charm, humour & warmth, enticing them into exotic-sounding words & worlds, thereby enhancing their experience of life

  Make a Real Impact    

We are motivated by the knowledge that we are making a real impact in the lives of the children AND in the lives of the bilingual educators & Cocorico Language Leaders, who feel such a sense of pride & happiness enchanting the kids with their languages.


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We hope you'll join us.