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6 Reasons
Your Child Will Thank You
For the
Gift Of Languages

It's the gift that INSPIRES, EMPOWERS, & ENRICHES . . .
their minds, their connections & their opportunities.
Be seduced by these 6 delightful reasons . . .

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1. Their Brain

There have been many studies that show the effects of exposure to languages on children's brains, & they all conclude that the learning of languages creates improved cognitive ability; that is, the process of knowing & perceiving; of memory, judgment, and reasoning. All of which leads to . . .

better problem-solving skills
better critical thinking skills
more creativity
better flexibility of mind
enhanced memory
better multi-tasking abilities.

Imagine that?


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2. Their Sociability

Surrounding young children with other languages & cultures affords them the confidence to move around in our multicultural environment with an openness & willingness to connect.

Catherine Ford observes that "Children who grow up learning about languages develop empathy for others & a curiosity for different cultures and ideas"
(UK Telegraph: Children-should-start-learning-languages-atage- three)

"Learning a new language, at any age, can also make you a better listener," quotes Dan Roitman, founder and CEO, Stroll.
(Why It Makes More Sense Than You Know to Learn a Second Language)


"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."
(Nelson Mandela)

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3. Their Creativity

I discovered a great article by a self-proclaimed Culture Chameleon, Jeremy Ginsburg. Jeremy is a world traveller who's passionate about learning foreign languages & studying cultures. I can confirm every one of his observations simply by virtue of having spent my 23 years of married life with my French Swiss husband & his family . . . these ones are fun, so here are Jeremy's observations coupled with my own anecdotes:


Language Learning Gives You a New Way of Seeing the World

If not for different languages, where else could the children hear such awe-inspiring terms of endearment as
ma puce (my tick - yes, as in ticks in your hair) &
mon chou (my little cabbage),
or the beautiful Vietnamese version of good night,
"have a delicious sleep." 


Language Learning Helps You Say the Unsayable

Some things just can't be accurately expressed in any one language. Make it two, & you suddenly have a means of really saying what you think! (for better or worse)


Language Learning Gives You a Sense of Humour Transplant

It was a surprising discovery for me to see that French & English cultures have very different styles of humour. More than that, if you try to translate a joke from one language to another, you're likely to experience a very disappointing result! New languages really open up a new world of humour, & who doesn't love another reason to laugh?!


Language Learning Improves Your Body Language

I must say, we Aussies are sadly lacking in super-expressive gestures! Just imagine the creative cheekiness your kids could embrace if only they knew a few European gestures!!


So as you can see,
exposing children to languages really does quite ingeniously enhance their scope for creativity.

"A language is a door to an entire world which is wholly worth exploring. So let your guard down and fall in love!
With the language, with the country, with a person, or even with the food. There’s no greater motivation! "
(Luca Lampariello – polyglot)

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4. Their Curiosity

Oh, how many wonderful, exciting, innovative doors we open for children using language as the vehicle:

History, culture, architecture . . . food, fashion, sport . . . art, music, adventure.

Not only can we inspire & inform them with a glimpse of what exists, but even more importantly, in the process of discovering what exists, we can consciously lead them to imagine what THEY could CREATE & ADD to the world.

We can deliberately use ALL these off-shoots of languages to totally embrace & enhance their confidence, both in themselves, their abilities, & in their place in the world.

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5. The Magic

The world holds so many stories, & we have it within our means to bring those stories & adventures to our kids with a sense of intrigue & fascination, made all the more enticing with exotic-sounding words & a great sense of adventure!

If you speak a second, third, or even fourth language, DON'T HOLD BACK!  Surround your children, or the children at your service, with the magic of your stories.  Allow them to discover the delights of their beautiful homeland, all while developing their curiosity and experience of life in the bigger world.

What wonderful opportunities we create for them by kissing their days with a touch of other languages!

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6. The Excuse to visit the Eiffel Tower

You can inspire your kids to want to visit ANY monument in ANY country with ANY language - it's all in the magic!

Don't kid yourself by thinking that the romance of your country and language only seduces adults - I can't tell you how many Mums have had their entire trip to Paris planned by their preschoolers, from which monuments to visit & what's exciting about them (from a kid's perspective) to what specialties to eat - it's a win for everyone!

"A different language is a different vision of life."
Federico Fellini (Italian Film Director)


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For a vehicle that opens the door to the world & introduces plenty of avenues on which to build further activities & learning opportunities, give the gift of a lifetime to your children & bring them a language!

Judith X

PS This page can be downloaded as a PDF Guide, which makes a really great read to send out to parents and educators at your centre.


6 Reasons Your Child Will Thank You for the Gift of Languages

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Incredibly engaging & enjoyable . . . the Cocorico French sessions have an element of wonder
& a touch of magic that is exciting . . . the children love it!
(Luke, educator & member of kids' band, The Zooboyz)


"Your French sessions are awesome!"
Sophie, early childhood educator


"Truly inspirational"
Georgia, early childhood educator


"The first words out of my son's mouth this morning when he woke up were,"Is it French today?"
He just loves his French"

Suzie, Noah's Mum