You, Confidence, & a Bit of Crazy!

Blog post line by Judith
Have you ever had great ideas but were too nervous or lacking in confidence to implement them?

I have.

I remember when I first started out running French sessions for kids; after a few months I was really starting to warm up and find my groove.  Problem was, my groove was wanting me to be quite silly and uninhibited.  Now having spent a number of years nannying, I was totally fine with being silly with kids; but when I started out with French, I had all the Mums sitting in, which added a whole new level of self-consciousness and pressure!  In my head, I was doing all these funky, cool things with the kids, but my fear of looking a fool in front of the Mums really held me back.

Big mistake.

Because when I finally grew into being ME in my sessions, and allowed my inner crazy to surface, the Mums LOVED it!  They laughed and joined in as much as the kids did!  And I really feel that this one point helped propel my effectiveness further as it seemed to really endear me to both kids AND parents.

 Mon chapeau me                                


So here's my challenge to you this week . . .


Give yourself permission to bring ALL of you to the game when you're drawing kids into your language. Because a BIG chunk of the magic lies in their attraction to YOU, as a person, and the unique sparkle and talent that you bring to the table.  In the children's mind, the enjoyment of the new language that you're introducing is directly related to the FEELINGS they have when they're with YOU.

Whether you're an extrovert, an introvert, a comedian or a nurturer; whether your connection with the kids is subtle or obvious - there will be children who will relate to your nature beautifully, and that will endear your language to them.

Now there are definitely some tricks (quite a lot of them, in fact) that make the experience both magical and effective, and you can discover some of these in my free guides.

But one of the important steps is to weave the techniques that you'll learn into YOUR personality; then you'll really have a recipe for success!

So I encourage you to get out there, bite the bullet and find your own brand of confidence!  If that just happens to bring out some crazy - the kids will love you for it!


À la prochaine (Until next time),

Judith X    

Then they brought something up that I wasn't expecting . . .
They were wondering why I had chosen the term, "Language Leaders" to describe their role at Cocorico.
It became a surprising and interesting conversation about the interpretation, image and role of a Leader.