Do it BADLY!


I'm officially encouraging you to follow the advice of Gretchin Rubin on her podcast, Happier, to give yourself permission to do something badly! 

And in our case, I'm talking about your LANGUAGE sessions.  Yep, that's right - I'm saying, get out there and do a less-than-perfect job!  In fact, do plenty of less-than-perfect language sessions.  Do so many less-than-perfect language sessions that you'll actually figure some stuff out.

When I think back to my first French sessions, Oh-là-là, I feel so embarrassed!

I had 30 minutes to spend with just a few 3 year-olds and their Mums.  I'd had plenty of experience with kids as a nanny, which I loved.  And I was confident enough in my French to manage some colours and animals without messing up. 

So I thought I would be ok -

laughing educator languages

Yeah, ok . . . laugh if you will.

Well, I quickly realised that loving kids and being able to speak another language does NOT constitute the full set of ingredients necessary to engage small children in a 30-minute organised language experience.  Nope.  Not at all.  In fact, I'm surprised the parents even came back! 

But thankfully they did, and from a number of badly-done French sessions I slowly figured out some details that I would incorporate into my future sessions.  And with time, the badly-done French sessions became kinda-ok French sessions, and those kinda-ok French sessions turned into rather engaging French sessions, until such point that those 30-minute sessions were super fun, engaging and effective! 

The following term, I had more kids, and then more kids, and the more kids I had, the more stuff I had to figure out - like how to manage a group of children aged from 18 months to 5 years (crazy, right) WITH their Mums, and keep them all engaged, speaking new French words, enjoying games, laughing and wanting to come back for more.

But here's the thing . . .

Had I NOT just got out there with very little idea of HOW, and done my new thing BADLY, I would never have learnt what I learnt in order to eventually enchant thousands of children into the world of languages.

To finish up, I'll leave you with a profound quote that I'm sure you can relate to.  I don't recall where I heard it, or from whom, but it went pretty much like this:


When you start something new, you'll suck

And over time, you'll begin to suck a bit less

Until such time as you suck so little that you're actually good!


So please don't make the mistake of depriving all the kids, present and future, that you have the good fortune to be able to empower with the gift of YOUR language, just because you might do it badly the first time.  And even the second or third time. 

Because your COURAGE now will become CONFIDENCE down the track, and you just never know who you might be inspiring.  

So get out there and start - and give yourself permission to do it badly until you do it FABULOUSLY!

You can't create opportunity without daring to do something badly first.
And we're all about Opportunity!

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