What Your 3-Year-Old Self is Bursting to Show You.

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I LOVE the idea of potential.
And possibility.
I found this old black and white photo of myself - I must be about 3 years old, maybe younger. 
I'm wearing a short, woollen Winter dress typical of the era, knee-high white socks, and I'm drawing on a blackboard.  I seem happily intent on putting whatever's playing out inside my brain into a physical representation on the blackboard. 

Quite focused, in fact.  Serenely, peacefully focused. 
For some reason this photo fills me with inspiration; with the desire to show this little girl just what her potential is.  To show her that, indeed, what's in her brain can become real.  That all the years between where she was then, where she is now, and where she will go, represent her potential. 

I want HER to be proud of ME. 

Strange, huh?!  But that's exactly how I feel whenever I look at it. That little black and white photo motivates me to put all my ideas into action, to muster my courage, learn what's necessary, and become the woman I need to be in order to make her proud.  In order for HER to fulfill her potential.  And yet it's kind of as if she already knows - as if she holds the secret.
Can you relate to this?
If ever you're feeling stuck, nervous to take the next step, unsure of which way to turn, or where your talents lie, or how to use them to really make an impact, try finding a photo of yourself as a young child and imagining that inside her mind she KNOWS you have skills and passions and potential.  And she WANTS you to find them, step by step; sometimes with serenity, sometimes with great bursts of energy, and sometimes by knowing that in the moments of uncertainty you can at least enjoy the anticipation. 

Because buried in the anticipation are gems yet to be discovered.

Who knows what your capable of?
She does.
And you'll show her that she will be proud and happy with who she showed up as in her life.  
Oh, the tingling, tantalising, teasing anticipation of possibility.
Me at 3 gold frame

À la prochaine (Until next time),
Judith X

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