I'm So Confused . . . NOT!

Why Kids Are AMAZING at Picking Up Several Languages at Once
WITHOUT Getting Confused
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COUCOU!  (That's French for, "Hey, there!")

Speaking a variety of languages around little ones who are only just starting to speak English . . . isn't that a bit much?

Not at all!

In my experience, it's been exactly the opposite - not only do young children know what to say to whom, in what language, but once they reach preschool age, they LOVE asking how to say this and that and the other thing in each of the languages to which they are exposed. And each additional language they are exposed to, they pick up FASTER than other children just hearing a second language - seriously! Every time, in any centre, in any suburb, in any language!

A personal anecdote:

There's a little Chinese boy at a childcare centre near Sydney where I run French sessions. When he started at the centre only a few months ago, he understood Mandarin, but had no English. He joined into our French sessions with such glee & enthusiasm! ⠀
Over the four months since I met him, he is now speaking English super-well for his age (he's under 3 years old), AND the staff tell me that he's speaking cute French words in the playground! Things like, "Badaboum, Aïe aïe aïe, Oh-là-là," colours & greetings!⠀

How absolutely, gorgeously amazing is that!⠀
I have seen this so many times, and I love it just as much each time.⠀

How is this possible?

Well, it seems that the answer is debatable. There are apparently a number of theories, including such scientific explanations as the Categorical Perception, the Critical Period Hypothesis, and something called the Language Acquisition Device

While none of these theories are agreed upon by all experts/scientists, the overwhelming consensus is that, for whatever reason, very young children all over the world are acquiring two or more languages as a matter of course. In fact, in many parts of the world, being bilingual is the norm rather than the exception.

In addition, there appear to be remarkable long-term benefits in both children and adults that are derived from exposure to languages.

Do you speak a second language? 

Don't hold back! Share your gift with the children in YOUR centre, and you'll experience the wonder of young children's brains in yet another fascinating way!

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Love your language.  Inspire the kids.  Empower with your gift - You can't go wrong!

À la prochaine (Until next time),
Judith X

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