ep 10

What's Holding You Up? (4 Reasons That Stop You Before You Start, & How to Overcome Them)

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ep 10

What's Holding You Up? (4 Reasons That STOP You Before You Start, & How to Overcome Them)


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Wouldn't it be amazing if whenever we had a thought to create something cool, we just did it?!
No fear, no lack of confidence, no questions, you just . . . did it!
But that's not how it is for most of us, right?

Generally speaking, we have a bunch of questions and insecurities that hold us back and stop us from starting that amazing endeavour.
Well, I'm going to share with you 4 common reasons women like yourself hold back from creating their own language experiences, AND I'll give you some clear, practical steps and stragegies to turn those around so that you feel reassured and build the courage to JUST START. 

1.  No time.
If time, or lack thereof, is the thing that's holding you up, here's an easy fix . . . 10 minutes a day.

That's it.
10 minutes a day.

I want you to make 10 minutes, at a time that suits you, and dedicate those 10 minutes to focusing on your first steps.  You might like to wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, when everyone else is asleep.  Or alternatively, take 10 minutes before you go to bed, when the house is quiet.

These 10 minutes will become something that you look forward to with excitement, and here are some ideas as to how you can use them to create your dream: 

* Write a post on your social profile, announcing to your friends and family that you're thinking of doing something cool with your language.

*  Watch a training video from my free Discovery HUB

*  Take a pretty notebook and pen and start writing out your ideas for the gorgeous language experience that you'd like to create

* Play a game with your own children in a new way, with the intention of using words in your language as if your children had never heard them before (this is a great way to practice, although it will require that the children be awake, so I guess before they wake up or after they're in bed, as suggested, won't work ;-))

Imagine how much progress you will have made in a week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, if you do one of these steps, or something else that moves you forward, every single day.

2.  Fear of not doing a good job.

This is soooo common, and I have this fantastic exercise for you to move you right past your fears and into your future.

So, grab a pen and paper and write down what this fear actually means to you; I want you to define it more specifically.

For example, maybe it means that you're worried that you won't be able to keep the children engaged.

So, you might write down the following:

I'm scared that the children won't be engaged.

Then we're going to FLIP it to say something like this:

With every session, I discover new ways to engage the children.

Here's another one:

I'm scared that I'll embarrass myself.


There are people out there who will LOVE my personality and happily support me as I grow my skills.

And another:

I'm scared that I'll get stuck, forget what's next and have a complete mental blank during my sessions.


I feel reassured to know that I've written out my session plan and can access it at any time during my session.

You see how this works?  We're going to take every single fear and FLIP each one to be a brand new thought . . . your new habitual thought . . . that makes you feel good/courageous/motivated/inspired.
3.  Worried About How Much You Might Have to Invest

You can get started for pretty much nothing.  No cost.  Here's how:

*  Invite people to your home, or in a park or garden, or make a video online
*  Use your own children's toys and books, tweak how you play them, and use them as fun language games
*  Find your people by posting on social media, sending emails and text messages, and asking people if they know anyone who would love to come and join a language session
*  Do a casual session, not paid so there's no pressure on you, with just a few friends - great practice! 

You really don't need to spend in order to start.

You can just start.  :-)


4.  Not Knowing What to Do or How to Do It

This is a biggie, and it's why I'm here!!  Because I DO know how to do it, and I've got you covered.  In fact, I'll be running a special little mini-event soon where, if you choose to participate and complete the necessary tasks (don't worry, they're very achievable), you'll get to choose one of my mini-training products FOR FREE.  How fun is that?!  A perfect way to start discovering what to do and how to do it!

Here's how you can find out more:

Join my free Facebook group, Cocorico Collective
Sign up for my free Discovery HUB, access guides and videos, and you'll automatically be on my email list where you'll be notified about all the cool details!


If you want to hear more more about the ideas in this episode, you can listen to the podcast version above, or on your favourite platform.

It's your time to shine, so it's time to FLIP your excuses (oops, reasons ;-)) and start creating your dream.

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Use your voice to create something AMAZING.

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